Senior and Boomer Advocate

Bonnie Kuhn is a professional knowledgeable in aging and important health, social and financial issues affecting Boomers and Seniors. She educates, provides resources and services in 5 key areas: social, physical and mental health, financial and legal, government assistance. Bonnie adheres to these principles and standards: competence, professionalism, honesty, clear communication, trustworthiness, courtesy, fairness, and due diligence.

The Sandwich Crunch TV Show and Speaking Presentations

Providing educational and informative topics addressing the multi-generational trends and issues impacting Boomers and Seniors at home, in the workplace and the community.

Life Legacy Memoirs of Calaveras and Tuolumne Counties

Record your treasured stories and memories that your children, grandchildren and generations who follow will value. Preserve your stories and leave a treasured heirloom, ensuring family connections for generations.

Anniversary and Memorial Celebration Special Event Consulting

With 30 years of event planning experience, Bonnie Kuhn provides consulting for special events for special people by helping to create meaningful and heartfelt experiences, with special focus on Memorial, Celebration of Life and Anniversaries.