Sandwich Crunch

Navigating the Trends and Issues Impacting Boomers and Seniors in the Home, Workplace and Community

The SandwSandwich Crunch_smallich Crunch® affects multiple generations, not just the Boomer Generation. It affects individual caregivers, families, friends, communities and business.

Discover how The Sandwich Crunch® can help you.  TV and Radio Shows and Public/Corporate speaking topics address the Boomer and Senior generational trends including:

  • Aging and Caregiving
  • Life Balance
  • Patient Advocacy
  • End of Life And Grieving
  • Estate Planning
  • Life Legacies
  • Retirement Lifestyle
  • Senior Advocacy
  • Milestone Anniversaries
  • Celebrations of Life
  • Impact on corporations, individuals businesses and communities
  • And, much more…..


Families (married, divorced, single-parents, children) are juggling career obligations and caregiving responsibilities of their parents, children living at home or returning to live at home due to financial, emotional or physical reasons, disabled family members and even grandchildren.


Once believed to be a boomer generation issue, it is clear that each generation is affected. Caregiving significantly impacts everyone. The Sandwich Crunch hammers every direction of life, including health, well-being, job performance, increased financial pressures, retirement, lack of education; emotional, physical and spiritual issues and challenges; and finally the need for support and resources.


Privately held companies, corporations and public/government run organizations are stuck in this crunch. It is in the best interest of companies and communities to provide the necessary pro-active solutions, support, and resources to help relieve this burden.